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Thanks Morris Garden Club for you visit to our grass roots this morning. (Saturday) We learn so much from visit from you and the services you bring to your communities. Thanks to Grass Roots Staff: Pam, Debbie and Trish (pix below) for the 2 hours of tours. and Thanks to Morris Club for all the feedback. You are truly awesome!


Grass Roots Ottertail Published by Tom Meinhover · 8 hrs 

Click on the Grass Roots Ottertail

Remember this Video. was one of the best produced by Natalie.
A reminder to you: that if one of your seasonal goals is to keep your flower garden vibrant until freeze up........We keep a stock of replacement flowers until freeze up.


Joy of having a small business like our Grass Roots. We get a litter of young kittens each spring from you our neighbors. Keep them all summer for Kids, families and you to play with and by fall these very socialized kittens go to homes all over the U.S. Yesterday the last one left. Always a sad day, in particular for Debbie and Natalie......who has been their mothers all summer


Grass Roots

Meets the Press

New program Every Sunday



Grass Roots Ottertail


















Grass Roots and Bahrs Melons

For over 30 years we have brought our melons to the Perham football team as they wind down the pre-school fall early season.  You should be proud:  your boys were very polite and committed to a good season.


Grass Roots and the World's largest Dragon Fly (really!!!! us) ar

e in the Perham Turtle Fest Parade on Friday. Wave at us as we go by you or join us handing out fliers for our clean waters campaign for EOT.


News Flash:  June 13


Grass Roots has been your source of Local Vegetables for over 35 years.  Located in our Garden Center in the Barn.  Greenhouse Tomatoes are already being Picked:  Sun Sugar and Sun Gold and European Cukes.  Pick your Own.  No CSA with us!!! You come and pick up your own and enjoy the encounter.  That is who we are.


Flower Crop is my usual Awesome
1000 or more varieties to chose from.  No small cell pacs.  I figure you can go to Walmart for that quality. You are the Artist...we supple the paints

Minnesota Hardy WindSocks
Not China Made that blows apart in the first SW wind

Our Barn Roof Top is Open with our St John's University 50 yard line Astro Turf Floor. A quiet place to gather, Read, Talk or just meditate over the natural quite  beauty of our Grass Roots.  

Movie Night starts on Wednesday, June 24 at 9:30pm.  Bring your own Lawn Chair, BYOB, (we have beverages) and clean up after yourself.  No Charge. Movies for persons over 18. More info:  watch this web site or go to our Grass Roots Ottertail Face Book



  Starting Today: 

 The $5 Perennials are Back for the 10th Year.  Containers are 4.5" Big.  Large Selection

New Grass Roots Video



List below of videos available on UTube.  Click on any of them.

Grass Roots Meets the Press On UTube
3rd Edition
4th Edition
6th Edition

44 second Video on The Grass Roots Apple Tree Sale
1000 Flower Choices at Grass Roots Ottertail

Just Now:  5:00p.m. May 14............Yes!.....the vegetable season has started for us: Today we picked the first onions,& Radish and we are picking greenhouse cucumbers. $1.50 for a bag of Radish and Onions. Pretty wonderful to have local veggies again.



A Video about our Flowers

...first time ever.

Shrub Sale

Great for Yard/foundation plantings.

260 shrubs

15 Varieties

On Sale May 15-18


Ornamental Trees
At Grass Roots at the Farm Site
23 Different Kinds
1/2 of Retail  (all of them)

...Clump Birch (two kinds) Russian Olive, Hydrangea Trees (3 kinds), Dolgo Crab, Gladiator Crab,  Pink Spires Crab, Prairiefire Crab, Purple Prince Crab,  Spring Snow Crab, Physocarpus Diabilo and Amber Jubilee, Amur Chokecherry, Dble Flowering Plum, Chokecherry, Weeping Willow, Mountain Ash and Japanese Tree Lilac.

You can Google any of these for Characteristics.

UTube Video on Ornamental Trees

By Tom

Enter Here

We look forward to seeing you this weekend

Flowers are Awesome

Herbs are plentiful

Apple Trees on Sale

Plants Produce and Personality


........First time... We at the Grass Roots.. have tired introducing a new product. Why? Many of you have asked about Straw BaleS used for gardening but don't like the mess or your husbands don't like the mess. Name of the idea: 'Straw Bale Bra'. Check out Trish and Karen Kreiser of Wildwood on the 54 second video as an introduction. We are working on a video that will explain the Straw Bale Bra/how to use it. On sale now with us. $35. 10 of'em in stock. A new product from Shopwildwood.




UpDate:  May 3rd, 2015

*Thanks.  This has been the most successful April.  
*We are now picking fresh (greenhouse) Cukes.  Very limited supply but first of the 15 season.
*Herbs:  We have about 55 different kinds now ready for sale. Full inventory will be over 100 different kinds.
*Apple Tree Sales continues.  $25/tree. 5' to 6' Varieties left are State Fair, Honeycrisp, Cortland, Goodland, Sweet 16 and Snow Sweet/
*.25 cent/pepper plants are ready for sale.....25 cent/tomatoes are still abit small.
*Gift Store:  Debbie's gift store is moving into our now Barn Sales is emerging.
*Open House on Mothers Day:  Families.  A safe, natural place to bring your family on Mothers Days. A non-mechanical world, if you want to drag the kids to someplace natural.
*....................and flowers.  Over 1000 varieites to pick from.  Why so many?  It brings the designer out in you.  Try that thought with other flowers growers.

May 3rd,2015  8:00 a.m.

Trish and Tom

Coleus Video on UTube


Hedges are a great solution.
If you have a nosy or noisy neighbor or if you need a politie demarcation between properties;  check out this Grass Roots Video on UTube

Grassroots Video on Hedges


New Video by Debbie gluesing

How the Seasons of the year were created.



 ...on UTube



Tom Meinhover

You CAN start planting now. A bare root apple tree. I have Grass Roots Open everyday: 9-6 until November. Yesterday I brought in 175...... 5' to 9' apple trees. Bare Root. This will be the cheapest of the Season. $25 up to $35

April 23 and News

Cucumbers and Tomatoes?
........if you are garden growing your own Tomatoes and Cukes this season: (Calf drought will affects us.........don't kid yourself). I am starting to seed the varieties of Tomatoes and Cukes that I will sell to you in May. Your Choice? If you have some preferences for what kind of Tomatoes or Cukes you want...get that info to me this week. OK?
There are lots of choices. You don't have to live with the one of two choices you will get at Walmart.

Potted Fruit Trees?

Grass Roots is open What can you safely plant now?  Pansies, All nursery stock and Perennials..  Planting a potted fruit trees will give you a mature root structure and a couple of years bump on how fast the tree will mature and planting bare roots stock will be cheaper and be very happy growing for you.

Spring is here?

First Wood Tick yesterday.


For your Information
Grass Roots/Tom Meinhover has been in the greenhouse business for over 36 years and in each other those years I have grown Vegetables in Hydroponic Systems, that range from Allen Coopers NFT to Rock sytems  invented by Hydroculture.  I have done research on CO2 induction, supplemental lighting with HID's, Nutrient and Ph controls, crops ranging from tomatoes to Herbs and cukes as well as the management systems that CEA (controlled enviroment ag) demands.  If you want to learn: come on into Grass Roots this summer.  I won't consult...I am too old for that but is you really want to learn....I will trade my time for yours.  Me teach, you help around Grass Roots.  Next step is up to you.   Email

Vegetable Growers
Spring Sale of Locals
Look Forward This for Spring 2015
.25 Cent/plant
Tomatoes:  Romas...paste, Better Boys...slicer, Rutgers...canner

Peppers:  Japalenos...modert hot and Calf. Wonder...Sweet, Green Bell

Note:  Supplies will be limited:  about 400 of each variety)


Flower Growers

What are We at Grass Roots Good At?

We have an inventory of over 900 flower choices.  If you shop beyond Walmart selections that means you are probably  a lover of variety and color.  We grow all our own.  
None shipped in.

Follow our Daily birthing/germination of plants on our FaceBook


The Grass Roots' 

World's largest Dragon fly

is back

Grass Roots welcomes...

........ our new sponsors and endorsements for this collaboration of Ottertail County neighbors promoting clean water and Lands

First Event:

Perham Trade Show

March 13-14 at Perham's PACC

New Utube Video
Trish and Tom Welcome you to Grass Roots 2015


Apple Trees

Grass Roots  (For Spring) 2015

·       These Trees are all Bare Root Stock and will be on Sale Starting in Mid-April.

·       Prices:  The cheapest will be  7/16" in size.  $22 and it goes up from there.

·       Size:  the 7/16" is a caliper size (diameter of trunk) and the height will be

5' to 6'.  It goes up in size  to 11/16".

·       We will have 300 trees to sell.

·       Information on each trees:

Cortland Apple Std 7/16 CVI

Fireside Apple S-M7 9/16 CVI

Goodland Apple Std 7/16

 Haralred® Apple S-M7 11/16 CVI

Haralson Apple S-M7 7/16 CVI

Haralson Apple S-M7 11/16 CVI

Hazen Apple Std 7/16 CVI

Honeycrisp Apple Std 7/16 CVI

Honeycrisp Apple S-M7 7/16 CVI

Honeygold Apple Std 7/16 CVI

Prairie Magic® Apple Std 11/16 CVI

SnowSweet® Apple  Std 7/16 CVI

State Fair Apple S-M7 9/16 CVI

State Fair Apple S-M7 9/16 CVI

Sweet Sixteen Apple S-M7 11/16 CVI

Sweet Sixteen Apple S-M7 11/16 CVI

Wolf River Apple Std 9/16 CVI

Zestar!® Apple PP11,367 Std 7/16 CVI

Zestar!® Apple PP11,367 S-M7 11/16 CVI

Centennial Crabapple Std 11/16

Chestnut Crabapple Std 9/16 CVI

Chestnut Crabapple S-M7 9/16 CVI

Golden Spice Pear Std 11/16 CVI

Ure Pear Std 9/16 CVI

Alderman Plum Std 9/16 CVI

Pipestone Plum Std 7/16 CVI

Toka Plum Std 7/16 CVI 



"Thanks for a Great Season 2014

Now We are readying for 2015
I feel rewarded by the fact that all of you are in my Grass Roots life."

We are planning for  2015 changes to our business and input from you is welcomed.  We can expect this from you; you know how verbal and interactive we are.  Three of them are: 

1. Relocation of Deb's Gift Store from the "FairyLand Building" to the New Location in our Garden Center.  (See picture below...we are just finishing the rough cut White Oak Floor.  It will be very different (as you would expect from us). Stop by this fall before snowfall and let us share of vision of it with you....and then expect you to give us feedback..)

 2.  Revisit the environment themes that Grass Roots has helped.  We have used our "World's Largest Dragon Fly" as a symbol of our Themes and were very successful in the 90's  The Big Stuff Project- World's Largest Dragonfly  and'     Why do we need you.  We have several collaborations at play within the Grass Roots.  We are initiating a Collaboration amongst our neighbors...however far pick the new Themes,  Plan the Marketing Program for them and taking part in packing and selling The Dragon Fly as the  symbol for  ............?........  (See picture below)

3.  We are getting old in our Grass Roots Paradise.  I am 70 & and not being the only one who is feeling the age and weighing it against our love of what we do.  "New Employees Needed for next year".   Us older folks need to work less hard:  We are looking for two part time  people.  One of you to work with us at the new Gift Store and Garden Center and one of you to work with us/Pam from Mid-April to Mid-June, during our Peak Flower Season. Get ahold of me.  You know how to do that."   Tom


20 years ago we made this Steel Representation of a Dragon Fly and found ourselves with an attraction. Ripleys "Believe it or Not" gave is the title of the World's Largest Dragon. Over the years we have tried to use him/her has a symbol of our struggles for Clean Environment.
It has been perched at the junction of #78 and #54 and today moved back home to our Grass Roots. Stop and Visit. We are completing our survey of local Environment issues and planning strategies for 2015...Join us.


Call Tom @ 1 218 367 2503


Here's a link to the Splendid Table (.org) and is an excellent guideline on use of apples. Note that few of the apples we grow are on her list. Sad but true that our northern Minnesota apples get shorted in the real world, whether it is the uncaring world of Minnesota breeders or the culinary folks. Having said that: we can have our own non-corporate fruit (your own) by just planting some trees. Some will die and some will live. The ones that live will give you all kinds of tastes and uses. Fall is a good time to plant some. If you can't handle the occasional Apple tree dying than your only choice to buy the industry apples at the store.


With 7,000 varieties, how to select the right apple for the recipe

Go to her Web Side at Splendid and check out her thoughts on Apples Use.




Congratulations to Perham, Henning and Battle Lakes business communities and schools for sponsoring this new piece of curriculum that gives these kids a change to take a look at Entrepreneurship. Led by Jim Kraemer. It is a year long program called Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities. They will be visiting area businesses and holding Daily classes. Thanks for visiting our Grass Roots Yesterday.

Lots of uses for Apples.

Note to Apple Tree Growers: We (Grass Roots) are sponsoring a 'get - together' to discuss your individual practices for successful or unsuccessful growing of Fruit trees up here in the northland. After Years of discussion with all of you on your techniques for growing Apples trees; I feel that we all would benefit from listening to each other....Bring you experiences to our Grass Roots farm (In our seminar building) at 5pm ...Saturday late afternoon on Sept. 27. No Speeches...just trading experiences. Bring your own beverage to drink.

Growing Apple Trees Get-Together

What are your Techniques for getting an Apple Tree (Fruit Trees) to live and Have Fruit? 

Come to our Grass Roots at 5:00pm on the 27th (Sept) And share your Techniques.  We have been disappointed with the messages from the professionals (but) impressed by the many years of conversations with you who grow Fruit Trees

More Info on Apple Tree information Exchange

Call Me.........Tom

218 367 2503


Natalie Eating her first Tomato of her young life.



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Standard Apple Trees Now on Site at Grass Roots

(See Video on FaceBook)

Why Standards?

Call me (Tom)  @  218 367 2503)

You Wanted Them.... Now I have them.


World's largest Dragon Fly before the new paint job.

Varieties:  Fireside Haralson, Honeycrisp, NW Greening,  StateFair, Sweet 16 and Yellow Transparent.....  Supple limited (only 50 trees)

Fresh Veggie Season has started with us: (Grass Roots)
Radish, Lettuce, Rhubarb, Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cukes (supplies limited, because we are just starting) Onions, Herbs. 

Why the NO CSA pix below?

Because we are an old fashioned framers market, open everyday for You to come and select what you want...........We don't care for industrial approach to fresh veggies.




Apple Trees On Sale 

6' to 8'

$22 and up

FireSide, Haralred,  Haralson,  Honeycrisp, Red Prairie Spy, State Fair,  Sweet Sixteen, Winecrisp, Snow Sweet, FireSide,  Connell Red,  Centennial, Northern lights, Norland, Haxan Goodland, Cortland, Chestnut Crab, Frost Bite.    Everything is Semi-dwf expect we have a bunch of Chestnuts on  Standard rootstock.




Ellie our 2013 Kittie is growing up.







"...everything is pointing to the fact that planting fruit trees is a good idea both for You and Your generations to come....this fits into your picture of passing on something of value."

Info site from University of Minnesota for Apple Trees

Enter Here



























Info site from University of Minnesota for Apple Trees

Enter Here



Difference between Standard and Semi-Dwf Apple Trees


Tom's Grass Roots Ottertail, MN.

....where you can purchase MN Hardy Apple trees.  Will most of the Apple Trees you buy from me Live?

No Guarantee but if you want to eat your own homegrown apples,  then you have to plant them, don't you?

   Join Me on Facebook

Email Tom for questions.
If you have  Horticulture questions,  "I do so love this part of having this Grass Roots Business."  Tom

Apple Tree Death 
"Why don't we have  Apple Orchards in northern Minnesota?

Most of the Apple Trees we get from the Breeders don't live where we live so they don't select for Hardiness....
...these days they mostly live and the 18 varieties We sell do OK and do have track records up here in the Northland.  If you want to eat your own apple...then you have to plant Apple to me."

Check out  New Grassroots Video!

Info site from University of Minnesota for Apple Trees

Enter Here



$1000 for our complete Grass Roots Fruit Tree Orchard.  These are Apple, Cherry, Pear and Plum trees in Containers.  All at least 6 feet Tall. 


This is a list:  Honeygold, State Fair, Wodarz, Wealthy, Wolf River,  Whitney Crab, Red Prairie Spy, Goodland, Haralred, Snow Sweet, Sweet 16, Centennial Crab, Zestar, HoneyCrisp fireside, Prairie Magic,  Yellow Transparent,  Jonathan, Red Barron, Haralson, Frost Bite, North Star Cherry, Compass Cherry Plum, Black Ice Plum,  Pembina Plum, Toka Plum, Alderman Plum, Metero Cherry, Bosc Pear, Mt Royal Plum. 


There are 31 Fruit Trees.  Ready for you to plant this fall

Call Tom @ 1 218 367 2503




Thanks to Jim Brown for the design and re-construction of our Grass Roots Barn Roof, that is destined to become our coffee shop in 2014.

Come and Visit our Root Top Coffee/Tea Bar this year...2015

The View will be  beautiful.  "I would like to have your impute...what will a roof top Coffee shop include here at our Grass Roots. Let me know either by facebook or email links on this page."tom



Arrangements by Pam


Pam's design work is worthy of their own Room

At Walker


We are Complimented how You use Pam to design your plantings and hope You get as many Compliments as we do.

Thanks to all of you who have purchased the creations by Pam.  This was a wreath she designed and constructed made from an assemblage of antique water and garden artifacts

Check out  New Grassroots Video!



...a new Grass Roots partnership to deliver the most comprehensive herb Program to our neighbors......You!!!

Go take a Look

"click here"

Sweet Pea Currant Tomato Organic


62 days. We instantly fell in love with this delightfully tiny tomato. Its miniscule leaves, flowers and1/4 inch, ruby red fruit are the teeniest we've seen. Deceptively big on sweet, current flavor, they are a treat in salads, as a garnish or right off the plant by the handfuls! Sweet Pea is a charming, indeterminate plant with a low, spreading habit that lends itself to container living and especially to hanging baskets. Available  from Your Grass Roots this spring

"I do love this tomato."  Tom