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Natalie Eating her first Tomato of her young life.


Dead Apple Trees

Lots of Dead Apple Trees  
from the winter of 2014)


As Best As I can figure the following circumstances contributed to this killing of our Fruit Trees this Spring.

1.  Our Drought in the fall (August/Sept) didn't help matters

2.  The leaves fell of as they are supposed to in Sept. (synapse)  but the time to harden off was not long enough and  Winter started with early cold in October.

3.  The winter was not extraordinarily Cold but the length of cold spells was longer than  average.

4.  Apple Trees are marginal up in the this zone to start with.  This is why I have told you all for years....... that if Apple trees were hardy here .....we would have orchards.  Note:  No orchards in our area.

5. The plant breeders research and select for many traits:  taste, yield, Color, disease resistance but not for hardiness.  Why?  The guys with the money to sponsor research are not from our zone.  We need to change this.

Can You have apple trees that bear fruit every year......YES................. but you have to face reality that as your trees die you have to keep planting them.  It that bothers you:  Buy your apples from the store or go to the orchards down south.  Don't Whine about it.

It is not your fault or mine that these trees die.

Action Plan

Grass Roots sponsoring a 'get-together' of all of you apple growers to trade notes, discussion of culture practices and to organize efforts to approach the 
U of M  or SU to begin to do serious work on Breeding for Hardiness.  

Keep in Touch.....Make Suggestions.

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Standard Apple Trees Now on Site at Grass Roots

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Why Standards?

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You Wanted Them.... Now I have them.


World's largest Dragon Fly before the new paint job.

Varieties:  Fireside Haralson, Honeycrisp, NW Greening,  StateFair, Sweet 16 and Yellow Transparent.....  Supple limited (only 50 trees)

Fresh Veggie Season has started with us: (Grass Roots)
Radish, Lettuce, Rhubarb, Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cukes (supplies limited, because we are just starting) Onions, Herbs. 

Why the NO CSA pix below?

Because we are an old fashioned framers market, open everyday for You to come and select what you want...........We don't care for industrial approach to fresh veggies.


Apple Trees On Sale 

6' to 8'

$35 and up

FireSide, Haralred,  Haralson,  Honeycrisp, Red Prairie Spy, State Fair,  Sweet Sixteen, Winecrisp, Snow Sweet, FireSide,  Connell Red,  Centennial, Northern lights, Norland, Haxan Goodland, Cortland, Chestnut Crab, Frost Bite.    Everything is Semi-dwf expect we have a bunch of Chestnuts on  Standard rootstock.

Keep Checking

Large Standard Varieties will be on site One June 20

See List Below.

News for This Week

Jun e 15

Jim Brown is Back. He has designed and constructed the building on the Grass Roots Farm Site. Today we started constructing the 'Grand Staircase' that will get you up to our Coffee Shop and Seminar Areas......Come by and see. WE welcome your input to help put this together.

*Herb Bar is now Open.  Cut your own Fresh Herbs from our Herbs Collection.  Fill a Baggie  $3

*1000's of Flowers are mature and ready for you to plant in your containers.

$5 Perennial Sale has started.  

Containers of Flowers, designed by Pam, who  you does artist quality arrangements.  Prices range from $30 to $100.




Ellie our 2013 Kittie is growing up.


Experiment with veggie planting this year. Pepper comparison. I have seeded and grown an awesome crop of Pepper Plants. 30 Varieties. If you have the space: Buy all 30 for $3 each. They are regular $3.50 and then let me know how they do at the end of the summer. Save $15. Why Not.

Peppers: Sweet Pickle, Early Sunsation, Atris, Caribbean Red, Cute Stuff Gold, Orange Sickle, Orange Blazed, Jalapeņo  Szegedi, Ornamental Peppers, Sweet Banana,  Super Chili, Cajun Belle,  Tiburon,  Karma, Thai Hot, Anaheim,  Parks early ThickSet,  Calf. Wonder, Cayenne Long Slim,  Hungarian Hot Wax (organic), Early Jalapeņo, Carmen, Habararo, Yellow Cheese,Redskin, Super Red Pimento





"...everything is pointing to the fact that planting fruit trees is a good idea both for You and Your generations to come....this fits into your picture of passing on something of value."

Info site from University of Minnesota for Apple Trees

Enter Here



























Info site from University of Minnesota for Apple Trees

Enter Here


Difference between Standard and Semi-Dwf Apple Trees


Tom's Grass Roots Ottertail, MN.

....where you can purchase MN Hardy Apple trees.  Will most of the Apple Trees you buy from me Live?

No Guarantee but if you want to eat your own homegrown apples,  then you have to plant them, don't you?

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If you have  Horticulture questions,  "I do so love this part of having this Grass Roots Business."  Tom

Apple Tree Death 
"Why don't we have  Apple Orchards in northern Minnesota?

Most of the Apple Trees we get from the Breeders don't live where we live so they don't select for Hardiness....
...these days they mostly live and the 18 varieties We sell do OK and do have track records up here in the Northland.  If you want to eat your own apple...then you have to plant Apple to me."

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Info site from University of Minnesota for Apple Trees

Enter Here



$1000 for our complete Grass Roots Fruit Tree Orchard.  These are Apple, Cherry, Pear and Plum trees in Containers.  All at least 6 feet Tall. 


This is a list:  Honeygold, State Fair, Wodarz, Wealthy, Wolf River,  Whitney Crab, Red Prairie Spy, Goodland, Haralred, Snow Sweet, Sweet 16, Centennial Crab, Zestar, HoneyCrisp fireside, Prairie Magic,  Yellow Transparent,  Jonathan, Red Barron, Haralson, Frost Bite, North Star Cherry, Compass Cherry Plum, Black Ice Plum,  Pembina Plum, Toka Plum, Alderman Plum, Metero Cherry, Bosc Pear, Mt Royal Plum. 


There are 31 Fruit Trees.  Ready for you to plant this fall

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Thanks to Jim Brown for the design and re-construction of our Grass Roots Barn Roof, that is destined to become our coffee shop in 2014.

The View will be  beautiful.  "I would like to have your impute...what will a roof top Coffee shop include here at our Grass Roots. Let me know either by facebook or email links on this page."tom



Arrangements by Pam


Pam's design work is worthy of their own Room

At Walker


We are Complimented how You use Pam to design your plantings and hope You get as many Compliments as we do.

Thanks to all of you who have purchased the creations by Pam.  This was a wreath she designed and constructed made from an assemblage of antique water and garden artifacts

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...a new Grass Roots partnership to deliver the most comprehensive herb Program to our neighbors......You!!!

Go take a Look

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Sweet Pea Currant Tomato Organic


62 days. We instantly fell in love with this delightfully tiny tomato. Its miniscule leaves, flowers and1/4 inch, ruby red fruit are the teeniest we've seen. Deceptively big on sweet, current flavor, they are a treat in salads, as a garnish or right off the plant by the handfuls! Sweet Pea is a charming, indeterminate plant with a low, spreading habit that lends itself to container living and especially to hanging baskets. Available  from Your Grass Roots this spring

"I do love this tomato."  Tom