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We try to eliminate plastic containers as much as possible when we plant our flowers.  Pam has chosen and assembled a pretty creative line of repurposed containers for use and created this theme:  Planters with a Past 


Lori from Lundeens in Fergus Falls has generated this new poster.  We will feature all this at the (Flower Show in Fergus Falls  Click Here) this Saturday and of course as inventory at our inventory at Grass Roots this spring.

Note:  More pictures and videos from the Perham Home and Cabin will be posted on March 13.  Thanks


George Washington has send a Press Release to Grass Roots.  Click Here to hear Tom Meinhover of Grass Roots read his Press Release.

Grass Roots Food Theme for 2016


We know it matters to you that you eat and your family eats the cleanest and freshest food;  Our Grass Roots role:  to try and give you my Tom Grown Plants for you garden and home grown food once our production cycle starts.

We start the Plants Lives Matter Season by offering you a very good deal on Vegetable Transplants: 
25 cent Tomatoes
Jet Star...Mid Season
Rutgers:  Canner
Heirloom Kellog...Late season slicer
Roma:  Paste Tomato
Sweet Pea:  Tiny container Tomato

Here's the Deal.....We will grow several hundreds of each variety in 4-pacs at .25 per plant.  We expect you won't be overly aggressive in your buying and limit yourself to 2 pacs per variety.  I am not after all Walmart in the number of plants I can grown...Questions: give me call:  219 367 2503 


Welcome North Dakota Nursery and Greenhouse  Association

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"Thanks for coming to my Grass Roots web page.  Grass Roots business is 40 years old this year.  Located on Rush Lake in Ottertail county, we invite you to take note of the 3P's that introduce us:  Plants, Produce and Personality and from there you'll love what you discover.  Tom Meinhover


Give the Gift of a Legacy Tree Any Time of Year

Memorials, Weddings, Births, Birthdays... All of Life's Milestone 
Events are Perfect for Being Noted with a Beautiful Tree 

Get Your Gift Card Today.


Call 218 367 2503






Check out the inventory for 2016


Best Grass Roots Marketing Video from 2015 by Natalie Karels.  click Here


....A video........Poems by Trish, Debbie and Grace and message from Tom on Seedings...December, 2015










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January 31, 2016

Recent visit by Donald J Trump to Grass Roots.  4th Interview he has done with Grass Roots.  Grace Moberg Interviews.


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DONALD J TRUMP (aka tom) visits Grass Roots to  introduce a chance for you to provide uncontaminated food for your family.  Building a wall between you and bad food.

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 Trish McClellan and Tom Meinhover   introduce you to 2016 Vegetable Program:

Clean food for you and your family.

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Birth Announcements are posted everyday at 10:00a.m.


Best Video of 2015

Debbie tells the of the myth of Forthysia.

 ...on UTube



Apple Trees for Spring

Bare Root

April and May, 2016


         Prices:  $25 for 7/16 size

              $30 for larger

       Google any of the  Fruit for  Characters

       Call Me (Tom) If have questions..218 367 2503

       Available in April when frost out of ground

       Order Now to assure that you will get what you want.  Call 218 367 2503.  $10 per tree to lock it in. 

Connell Red Cortland Fireside Frostbite Goodland  Haralred Haralson Hat Trick Honeycrisp Honeygold

KinderKrisp Liberty Prairie Magic Red Prairie Spy

SnowSweet State Fair Sweet Sixteen

Wealthy Wolf River Wodarz Zestar

Centennial Chestnut 

`                       Other Fruit

Early Gold Pear Golden Spice PearParker Pear Ure Pear Alderman PlumBlackice Plum Mount Royal PlumPembina Plum Pipestone plum Toka PlumMoongold Apricot Scout ApricotSungld Apricot Evans Bali Cherry

Meteor Cherry North Star Cherry


We hand out a Brochure to every customer everyday.  This is an example of the one we handed out on May 1st, 2015